About me 1rcsharma

http://centerformetapsychics.com   Myself is a physician, psychologist, and counsellor. I am honours graduate in Ayurveda ( Indian system of medicine ), my masters degree in psychology and P.G.Certificate in Psychological Counselling from Christian Counselling Center, Vellore ( T.N. ) India, are other qualifications. A literary novel written by me was awarded for publication by Haryana Sahitya (Literature) Academy in 1989. Besides, three research papers in psychology were published in a an international journal, Multidisciplinary Journal of Community Guidance and Research, Madras,(India). At present, I am working in ‘Paras Health Clinic’ as a physician and in ‘Center For Metapsychics’ as a psychologist.                                    I am married and have three kids. Two of them are married and have kids.Simultaneously I am doing research in association laws.