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“If there’s something contradictory about being a white supremacist and loving America, the people who chanted U-S-A while Donald Trump insulted Muslims and Mexicans haven’t gotten that memo.” via The Uses of Patriotism — Discover Advertisements


Saga of my one month long practicals of experimental psychology and classes in all subjects is interesting for others but it was a trying circumstance for me. I was a correspondence course student for M. A. Psychology in a university’s personal contact programme in Tamil Nadu from Haryana that means in South India from North India.Here, […]


“The problem with making assumptions is that we believe they are the truth. You have all our love.”                                                It is the post at  named    Toltec art of life and death […]

“Who I am and why I’m here”

In 1989, my first paper was published in an international journal, Journal of community guidance and research. It was a thrilling experience. A literary novel in Hindi (Indian language) was also awarded for publication by Haryana Sahitya (literary) Academy in the same year. The novel was recommended for publication by the top writer of Hindi. […]


There is a focal-point in a human brain called the point of the focus of attention. It is a point to centre one’s attention on a stimulus. Due to the stimulus, the opinions are caused to come towards each other and meet at a point, the focal-point. It is the point at which interests, tendencies […]